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Tinka Tinka Dasna: Story behind camera

Tinka Tinka Dasna – Dasna Jail, situated in Ghaziabad, UP, a unique concept by Vartika Nanda and Tinka Tinka Foundation, has created an amazing wall, a calendar, a theme song and a special book.

The Calendar: 

As part of the Tinka Tinka series, a special calendar was created for Dasna Jail under the title – Tinka Tinka Dasna. It is a collection of literary and musical adventure in Dasna Jail. Based on a unique 3-D painting with the same title, it was made at the centre of Dasna Jail. This calendar is based on the work of the four inmates inside the prison. All 6 pages of the calendar focus around the creative and inspiring efforts in Uttar Pradesh, especially Dasna Jail.

The Wall:

Jan 9, 2016 : Unique wall created in any jail across India. Made on the central wall of Dasna Jail, this has been conceptualized by Vartika Nanda. This wall was created by Vivek Swami along with three other inmates inside the Jail. One end of this painting portrays darkness, where the moon and the stars can be seen twinkling in the day. The other end depicts a part of the song which has been written by Vartika and sung by the prisoners. Here in the daytime, the moon with all its stars continues to shine and at night time, the Sun will be seen dazzling with all its brilliance. Between the two ends of the wall, there are ten names which depict life in Jail have been preferred after a lot of thought. These include a blue eye, a letter, a lamp, a leaf, a key, a lock a necklace, a clock, a photo frame and an open window. All these are reflections of life in Jail. These are those names which are treasured in the memory of the ten chosen prisoners. This painting on the wall will remain as such for at least next ten years.

One end of the painting which depicts a deep darkness through which the moon and the stars can be seen twinkling and the other end where the bright Sun can be seen shining with all its radiance, bring into the lives of the prisoners the glimmer of hope.

Hindustan Times carried this story on the front page of Sunday edition on Jan 10, 2016. ABP News also did a special show on the same in Jan 2016.

Theme Song for the Jail:

Theme song for Dasna Jail paved way to encourage the prisoners further. Conceptualised, written and directed by Vartika Nanda, this song is sung by 13 inmates of Dasna Jail (out of which 10 are on life imprisonment). This song was released on  the Valentines Day  to spread the message of bonding within jails. This was released by the then Minister of Prisons, UP Government, Shri Balwant Singh Ramuwalia.

The Book: The book includes journey of 5 inmates who now lead a different life; one is an RTI expert and two are dental surgeons working for other fellow inmatesThe book, split in nine parts, is a reportage which contains a journalist, a narrator, a plot, a poem and a truth
This book is one of its kind, narrating stories of those who redefined themselves while serving imprisonmentAn amalgamation of media and literature, the book creates space behind bars for the enlightenment and creativity of the inmates and aims to rekindle hope among themCrime and punishment are beyond the purview of the book as Tinka Tinka Dasna contemplates ways of treating prisoners as human resources and involving them in nationbuilding.

Another salient feature of this book is the poem composed by two prisoners convicts in the infamous Aarushi Talwar murder caseRajesh and Nupur Talwar in their poems have penned their experiences, which has so far been turbulentThe book also specially displays a 3D painting, drawn by jail inmates on the wall.  The book also features a song written by Vartika NandaThis song was sung by inmates and has now become the theme song of the jail
The English version of this book has been translated by Dr Nupur Talwar.

These images pertain to the journey of the making of Tinka  Tinka Dasna

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