Tinka Tinka Dasna: Book

When first entering into a prison cell an inmate only finds a dead end, not realizing that the prison term would come to an end within a few decades and life will have to begin again. Seclusion from society and its functioning doesn’t make the inmate any more adept to readjust their moral compass and mould themselves to simultaneously be more cooperative and efficient. In an attempt to inspire them to be more than the tag of evil they’ve brought upon themselves, project Tinka Tinka Dasna enabled the inmates of Dasna jail to pick up skills of poetry, fine arts, music, murals and dance. Such activities not only gave the inmates a chance at self-reflection, but also provided them a new identity and a medium to redefine themselves. Engaging in creative endeavors could keep these individuals at lower risks of recidivism by opening new paths for them. Tinka Tinka Dasna’s unique effort has brought hope back to an institution crumbling under the weight of obsolescence, malpractice and inefficiency.


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