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Independence Day: Children of Inmates and the Resonance of the National Anthem

Tinka Tinka has released a video film with two children of prison inmates lodged in an Indian prison. These two children holding the national flags in their hands are waving them to the music of the National AnthemThis image leads one to ponder on what freedom means within prisons.

A special video was created by Tinka Tinka Foundation is a symbolic image of 1800 children lodged in different jails in IndiaThese children are part of a bigger project involving 18 inmates of a prison of whom, four are childrenImages of these children have been blurred to respect their privacyThe larger project will be released by Tinka Tinka on September 1st.

This video comes in the light of the Supreme Court of Indias order to the Union Home Affairs Ministry to work with the State governments to evolve a uniform policy for the rehabilitation of the inmates and their children lodged in jails

The video was released by Shri Dyaneshwar Mulay (IFS), Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs,Government of India, on the eve of the Independence day.

This 3 minute and 40second long video is available on the you tube channeltinkatinkaprisonreforms.


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