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Centre approves special remission to prisoners for Gandhi Jayanti

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a special remission to prisoners on October 2, to mark the 150th death anniversary of 

After the approval, the prisoners will be released on October 2, 2018.

The remission would not be given to convicts imprisoned for heinous crimes like dowry, rape, human trafficking.

Women and transgender convicts who are 55 years old or above, and men who are or above 60 years will be eligible for the remission. The convicts must have completed 50 percent of their sentence.

Terminally ill, and convicts with 70 percent or more disability, and convicts who have completed two-thirds of their sentence are also eligible.

Any convict serving death sentence or life imprisonment will not be remitted.

The Ministry of Home Affairs would ask all the states and union territories to process the cases of eligible prisoners.

They would be advised to constitute a Committee to examine the cases. State Governments will place the recommendations of the Committee before Governor for consideration and approval under Article 161 of the Constitution

The government is remitting the convicts to pay homage to the Father of the Nation.

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